Fast 1 Timing System
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Fast 1 Timing System

Fast 1 tag was woken up immediately after passing through the inductive loop at a high speed. Then it sent its triggered time and internal information to the Fast 1 Reader by the high-reliability microwave link.
Fast 1 reader collected the tag reads and fulfilled the timekeeping and circle counting. F1 Reader is equipped with dual high-performance receiving antennas to ensure the direction matching between reader and tag. In addition, F1 Reader supports up to 4 accesses of high-speed inductive loop, leading to the easiest deployment for the outdoor or indoor events.
Fast 1 Loop is designed for precise and high-speed timekeeping. It is durable, waterproof, and it could be used in various environments.
Fast 1 Tag works in semi-active mode. It is woken up from the sleep mode immediately after passing through the inductive loop. LCD of battery capacity on housing to remind the user replacing battery.
F1 reader can be used in mountain bicycle, road bicycle, track cycling, roller skating, cross-country car, motorcycle and other high-speed sports events.

Fast 1 Timing System Configuration Parameter Contrast Table


Fast 1 Timing System Configuration Parameter Contrast Table



Power Requirement

16.8VDC, 3A Max (Internal battery 6A-h, lifetime more than 10 hours)


Mainframe 26cm*21cm*14cm

Induction Loop

The induction loop can cover the track width of 10M

Antenna Number

TX1*4, RX1*2(Inductive loop x 4, receiving antenna x 2)

Working Frequency


Real-Time Clock

Synchronize time through computer application software. Internal memory storage time of the host

Communication Interface

Ethernet, USB memory stick, wireless transmission

Data Output And Storage

Internal memory storage of 40 million tag reads. Exported to USB flash memory

Read Performance

Applicable for Fast 1 Tag. Long read range of 1.5m. Moving speed of tag is 200km/h (single tag, Formula Racing). 120 km/h (multiple tags, Cycling Groups)


ON/OFF power switch, external trigger button, internal storage extraction button

Indicator Light (LED standard, if no specifications)

LCD of battery voltage

Power indicator

Tag reading signal indicator

Ethernet connection data sending and receiving indicator